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Release History

This page shows a list of releases of the Bundt Toolset, together with new features and fixed issues for each one. Plans for future releases are also described. This page only includes novelties and plans related to ModelDesigner. Separate pages exist for the Bundt Scripting Language and the Bundt Programmer's Interface .

Plans for future releases

  • n/a

Latest release: version

08 October 2020

New features

  • The multilingual text editor has been improved with extra features, such as copying text from one language to the rest.
  • A new "Merge" feature has been added. This allows to merge model elements from a source type model into another type model, optionally selecting a source package.
  • Additional information is shown in the Variables pane of the Scripting Session window for Object and EnumItem typed variables.
  • A new "Feedback" menu on the Main Window has been added, so that you can send us your comments.

Fixed issues

  • The error message that was issued on the Scripting Session window when a variable of an instance type is declared with no model in context was confusing. This has been clarified.

Other changes

  • n/a

Previous release: version

1 June 2020

This was the first version of the Bundt Toolset that was publicly available.

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