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Bundt User's Manual

Welcome to the Bundt User's Manual.

This is the user's documentation for the Bundt Toolset. For a reference to scripting in Bundt, please see the Bundt Scripting Reference . For a programmer's guide to the Bundt Programmer's Interface, please see the Bundt Programmer's Guide .

You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions . And you can leave your comments on the Feedback page.


  • Overview
    Read this if you are not familiar with the Bundt Toolset.
  • Release History
    Explore what's new in the latest release of the Bundt Toolset and learn about future release plans.
  • Concepts
    Browse through this section to get acquainted with the major concepts in the Bundt Toolset.
  • Applications
    Check out this section for a complete description of ModelDesigner and other applications in the Bundt Toolset.
  • Set Up
    Read this section for a technical description of how to install and configure the Bundt Toolset.

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