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The Bundt Toolset is a collection of applications and libraries based on the ConML conceptual modelling language. Using the Bundt Toolset, you can create, edit, process and visualise ConML type and instance models.

What is Bundt for?

Models are basically collections of knowledge about any aspect of the world, so the Bundt Toolset is used to create, maintain, visualise and process these collections.

Some models describe the categories of things that are relevant to us; these are called type models. Other models describe the things in the world themselves, and are called instance models.

If you are familiar with databases, a type model is like the database structure, in the sense that it defines what information we are interested in, and how it is structured. Similarly, an instance model is similar to a database itself, and contains structured data that we can query and modify.

Usage scenarios

You can use the Bundt Toolset for a number of purposes:

  • To explore an area that you are not familiar with. You can try different ways to conceptualise it, describe things tentatively, and assess how well your model of the world expresses what you want to say.
  • To document things for later reference, either for other people of for yourself. This allows you to create persistent records of what we observe, think or do, at the required level of detail, so that they can be retrieved in the future.
  • To communicate with others. You can express things in order to convey them to others in a language that is neutral, shared, and minimally ambiguous.
  • To design artefacts such as software systems, recording protocols, or team methodologies. You can use Bundt models as blueprints that capture the essence of the thing you want to build, like house plans do.
  • To interoperate information stores such as databases or archives. You can use conceptual models as a stepping stone to reconcile heterogeneous information stores so that you can compare, integrate or share them together despite their differences.

Usage modes

The Bundt Toolset consists of a main Windows application, named ModelDesigner, plus a set of libraries. Usually, you will work by interacting with ModelDesigner. If you are interested in interacting with the libraries directly, for example if you are planning to develop your own software tools on top of Bundt, then please see the Bundt Programmer's Guide .

Download and install

You can download the Bundt Toolset and release notes from the downloads web page . For a detailed technical description of how to install and configure the Bundt Toolset, please see the set up section.

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