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Bundt toolset

The Bundt toolset is a collection of applications and libraries based on ConML. Using Bundt, you can create, edit, process and visualise ConML type and instance models.

The Bundt toolset consists of a main Windows application, named ModelDesigner, plus a set of libraries. If you are interested in using Bundt interactively, download ModelDesigner. If you are interested in using Bundt as part of your own application, please download the libraries.

Terms of use

Bundt is free to use by anyone. You are welcome to use Bundt, including the resources available on this web site, for educational, research, commercial or any other purposes.

Bundt has been developed and is maintained by government-funded research projects, and therefore it must stay available for everyone to use.

Please check the applicable terms and conditions on the appropriate section of the Bundt User's Manual.

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